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Summary Termly Legal Content Generator

In this short series on Termly, we will explore why you should start using termly and how it can save you lots of time and make your site/service compliant.


Hello, and welcome to code time. My name's Trevor Greenleaf. And today I want to

Talk about privacy policies. Cookie policy is terms of use all that sort of legal jargon that you need on your website to one, protect yourself as well as be compliant.

I'm going

To check out code time right now, and this is code time. If I scroll all the way down to the bottom here, you can see terms of use. And this is the terms of use page for code time. And you can see all of this sort of legal

Copy that says

Governing law, binding arbitration

And all this stuff here. So,

And what is all of that? Like, what is this information and how do I go and set all this up? Well, I use a service called termly and I've used this on various products now

That I have, and terminally

Makes it really easy to go and do this without necessarily having to pay a lawyer or trying to scour the web for the copy that you want. And then understand if that copy is actually doing what you say it's supposed to be doing. And that can be very difficult. I am no lawyer and I don't really know the terminal is designed to make that easier. Now it doesn't do absolutely everything. And of course

You could always consult

A lawyer and check out to make sure things are compliant. But it will get you about, I'd say 90% there. And so for their products, they have a couple of product offerings here.

So you have consent banners and user preferences set, automatic cookie audits to run weekly, monthly, a comprehensive cookie library. Your it's a GDPR cookie policy.

So if you're not already

Familiar with GDPR and you have customers that are maybe viewing your website or actually using your website or purchasing product or services in Europe, your website needs to be GDPR compliant and you will need to have quite a few

Elements in place. I guess you could say policies in place to make sure that you're good. So you have a

Privacy policy generator, a terms of use a conditional generator, disclaimer, generator, or return policy generator. And you can check out some different things that they do on the website.

No, I had a termly

Is not paying me to post this up there. I'm post up things on code time because I find them really useful. And I want you to know about it so that you make sure that you're in compliant and that you take care of your business or whatever product that you're actually going to work for. This is the pricing structure here. So they have the basic, which is a dollars a month. You're get publishing limit of one,ufor $10 a month. You get legal policy solution. This is going to get you most of the things that you need here. Doesn't do the cookie scanner banner,udoesn't remove the termly logo from the banner exportable consent logs and schedule scans and reports, things like that. It doesn't get you all of that, but it will get you started. And,uof course, if you do annually, you're going to save quite a bit.

So the $10 a month solution, I think is great. If you want that extra, that sort of cookie solution as they refer to it, that'll get you these consent log banners. Again, to put you a little bit closer to compliancy with everything I would say the $10 is quite gets you there again, you've got to do some work still, and I want to talk about some of that work that you have to do. So this is terminal dashboard at the time of this video series. So you'll see your dashboard settings, billing history. Here you can add a new website slash app. You can see code time has been added here then were cookies that are various things that are on their privacy policies, terms of use website return and refund policy and any disclaimers. So for code time it's just the privacy policy. And in terms of use for the website, it's pretty simple to get started. You just click add a new one and you just enter in the information. So I'll say something and that would be my website. UI can even this like a name or I can leave it as the website. I'll do something like cat website, and then I'll set up either HTTP or HTTPS, and hopefully you have HTTPS for your website. And I would do something like cat time,uor I'm going to go cat time IO.

And I'll put that T in there, there we go. I can upload a logo once I'm done, I'm going to click save. And here you can see cat time and here are all the different products that I could go to add to it. So I might start with something like a privacy policy. So I'll click a privacy policy and says, Hey, do you want to add a new one? I'll say yes. And they'll take me over to a page that looks like this. And this is pretty easy to follow. You're going to see various steps here. I suggest take maybe an hour or two, sit down, make sure you have all your legal paperwork and things like that in place. Uhnd then start filling out this information. And it is pretty just, just clicking away. You're, you're just sort of clicking on check boxes and filling out input fields and, and things like that.

If you need any help there, they got a phone number you can call and they're open Monday through Friday from nine to five. You also have a message here. If you need sort of support or questions like that, I've been able to go through this pretty easily answering company information and all of this. And I think it takes about maybe 30 minutes depends on the product of course, that you're doing. And it's going to have conditional logic in there as well to say like, Oh, if you're doing X, well, then you're also going to need this and this once you're all done with that, you can preview

It. And it's going to

Show you your previewed privacy policy. You can then go and take this and embed it on your website. And so that's, you have a couple choices. You can either link them out directly to termly, or you can embed it on your website for code time. I chose to embed it on code time. So it gives you a little bit of I-frame code here. So you can see here's the terms of use and agreements of terms, code time we us are. And you can see all of this information and how it's set up. And that's pretty much it down and down here at the bottom. We can also see, I have a terms of use, and here's a terms of use agreement and it talks about this and the content, intellectual properties and things

It's like that. And it's just all pretty much generate it for you. Of course, you need to agree to certain things and say, are you collecting information like that? What are you doing with the data and things like that. You're on code time. We very much care about sharing information and content with you. And we don't share your stuff. We don't sell your data to people and things like that. That's not the business, the business is providing to you so you can make the web a better place.

Check that out. Also want to know check out moods moods is the parent company of code time. And allows you to make mood boards. It's a really cool service. So definitely check that out

And create something cool. All right. That's it for this series on terms of views

Use and privacy policy here on code time,

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