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About was created by university instructors and app developers Trevor Greenleaf and Peter Medina to provide free lessons on web development for their respective students and anybody else who wants to learn code. features video series on topics ranging from introductory HTML to leveraging the power of APIs to create interactive websites. Are you ready for some code time?

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Trevor Greenleaf

Trevor Greenleaf

Trevor Greenleaf teaches Visual Interaction courses at Art Center in the Graphic Design and Interactive Department. Also, he has taught at Californa State University, Northridge for the last five years. He is the founder of numerous startups and has worked with many web clients throughout his career. He spends his free time playing with his cat BabaDoo.

Peter Medina

Peter Medina

Pete is an enthusiastic designer-developer and educator with a passion for sharing what he knows; he currently teaches web design at California State University, Northridge. Pete loves the process of making new things and finds happiness in the act of problem-solving. He relaxes by baking artisan bread and pizza.



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