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Introduction LIFX Smart Light Bulb

In this episode, we will identify how we are going to use the LIFX API with PHP and Vue.js, will review some basics that you will need to know before beginning this series.


Hello, and welcome to code time. My name's Trevor Greenleaf today. We're going to be covering the life X, a 19 light bulb, and how to control it with PHP and then eventually Javascript. And when I say Javascript, we're going to be using Vue JS. So if you want to imagine this will open up a browser window, we'll use a color picker to select a color that'll be done in JavaScript. We'll send that data to our PHP script and our PHP script will then call the API for life X. And then that will then update the light and change its color. And that's the full cycle that we're after. So what are you going to need? Well, I purchased this right here, the life X, I believe that's how you pronounce their name, life X, maybe the A19 for $59.99. I purchased mine on, but you can dry it buy directly from them as well. Similar pricing. The other thing you're going to need is some basic understanding of JavaScript and Vue JS for that part and some basic understanding of PHB. And if you don't have that basic knowledge, you can get that basic knowledge here on code time that's, and there is an intro to PHP series and an intro to Javascript as well as multiple series on Vue JS. So with that let's get started. And the next episode, by setting up our light.