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Introduction Creating Mood Boards

In this introductory episode, Moodzer creator Trevor Greenleaf introduces this series on creating mood boards.


Hello, and welcome to CodeTime. My name's Trevor Greenleaf, and in this series I'm covering mood boards. Mood boards are a incredibly useful tool, whether you're just planning a bedroom redesign or an office redesign, or maybe you're planning a brand for a client and you need to get inspiration for what are the different textures, patterns, colors, type, all of that, that you want to go and create.

When I worked at an agency, a lot of the times we would make three mood boards and we would pitch those boards to a client. The client would then get a better sense of the visual direction that we were thinking, and we would better align ourselves with what their brief set for what they wanted from a brand. This is very common in agencies, as well as lots of product design studios, to be able to capture inspiration and collage that in a way and then be able to share it.

So I'll be talking about a tool that I've worked on personally for quite a long time called a Moodzer. And Moodzer is designed to very easily and quickly collage images together. It's not a place where you're going to find images. There's lots of different places for that. There's Pinterest and Google and Design Inspiration, and Behance. Really, you can find photos anywhere.

Moodzer actually comes in and actually collages the images together, making it very, very fast, quick grin. And you also get some really cool image effects that simulate some of the things that you can do in Photoshop without having to open up Photoshop or have a license to that. Also, Moodzer is free. So it's kind of win-win there.

In addition to that, I'm going to be covering some examples of mood boards, and what I like about these mood boards and what I think every good mood board for a brand should have in it. Now that's not always going to be the case. You might be using this just for general inspiration and not have anything to do with a brand. But when it comes to a brand, I like to think about it as five things. I'll talk about those five things. I won't get into it. So with that, let's jump in here and talk about mood boards and the process for creating a mood board.