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Beginning WordPress

Did you know more than 28% of websites are powered by WordPress? This series will introduce you to the basics of creating and publishing content with WordPress. We'll cover installation, creating and editing posts and pages, managing users and comments, installing and customizing themes, and extending functionality with plugins. We'll also look at a couple great hosting solutions for when you're ready to launch your site. This series is meant for absolute beginners and assumes zero code knowledge or WordPress experience. Are you ready?




Peter Medina

Learning Outcome:

  • Installing WordPress locally
  • Finding WordPress hosting
  • Creating new posts and pages
  • Editing existing content
  • Managing image uploads
  • Installing plugins to extend WordPress
  • Installing themes to customize the appearance
  • Adding new users to your site
  • Moderating comments
  • Navigating the WordPress settings menu
  • Editing how your URLs display
  • Basic WordPress security techniques