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5 Ways Learning To Code Can Change Your Life

Jun 04, 2020 ·5 min read

There is no escaping technology these days. While it’s very cool that your SmartFridge and your SmartPhone can communicate with each other, it’s even more amazing to think about what’s happening behind the scenes to make that possible. Technology has it’s own language and coding had become one of the most sought-after skills by many employers. In fact, one day not too far from now, coding might be considered an essential skill that everyone learns. They’re already teaching coding skills to young children in school. 

If you don’t already know how to code, don’t fret about being left behind. You can use resources such as to learn how to code for free at home. If you’re summer vacation plans just got ruined by a global pandemic, you’ll have a lot of free time on your hands anyway. Why not make a goal to learn some coding basics? You’ll be surprised by how much your life can change when you learn this important skill set. 

#1. Understanding How Software Works

Whenever you use your computer, tablet, or Smartphone, you’re using software. The software, or programming, of apps and operating systems, dictates their behavior and responses. Learning to code will clue you in on how software works, making it easier for you to understand what’s going on when something isn’t working right. It will also give you a greater appreciation for what it takes to build and maintain computer systems and apps. 

#2. Improve Your Problem Solving And Critical Thinking Skills

Coding takes a lot of organization and logic, there is a fair amount of math and engineering that goes into the structure and writing of any software. Practicing coding can sharpen your mind and help you develop learning skills that will benefit you in other areas.

#3. Make More Money And Open Up More Job Opportunities

The demand for developers has been rising year after year. Take a look at what coding opportunities there are in your chosen field. Chances are, you’ll find a way you can improve your resume and your value as an employee by learning to code using different languages or programs. Adding new skills to your resume is a great way to increase your income or to start a whole new career in a higher-paying profession. 

#4. Start Your Own Freelance Business

If you learn the right coding skills, you could have employers standing in line to work with you. Many people learn coding skills to start their own freelance businesses as a side hustle or even as a full-time gig. Web developing and app development for iOS or Android right now could easily bring you enough clients to work full time as a freelancer. Set your own hours, work on the projects you enjoy most, and make more money. 

#5. Build A Money Making Website

Using coding skills for free on can lead to making your very own money-making website. Learn how to make custom website themes, landing pages, and more. You can learn how to make an income-generating blog, a successful e-commerce store, or make money developing websites for small businesses.